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Angels Of Fire


The supernatural link between angels of fire and the coming move of God’s glory!

The angelic host has been with us from the beginning. While they are not often recognized by the human eye, they have been present all along and are vital to the work of God being fulfilled in the Earth. When you learn how to recognize these unique angels and how they are operating, you will be able to participate with them to bring about the accelerated healing, restoration, purification and all of the other end-times signs of global Holy Spirit outpouring.

Angels are preparing the way for the greatest move of God in human history.
Discover how you can join in with their preparation and experience this end-times outpouring today!

Candice Smithyman is a TV host, prophetic author, and supernatural minister. She carries a powerful revelation about the vital link between the Angels of Fire, God’s End-time outpouring of glory, and how you fit in the unfolding of Heaven’s history-making, world-shaking agenda.

Discover ancient truths about the angelic, such as:
*Angels are Word-activated: not by human words, but by the Word of God.
*Angels help bring God’s plans and purposes to pass in your life.
*Angels are assigned to a person at conception.
*Angels cooperate with people fulfilling divine assignments to see renewal and revival break out in the Earth.
*Angelic Movement can be recognized and discerned by those moving in the Spirit.

Angels will be ushering in the end time revival and the more we know the better equipped we will be to participate with God as He returns.

SKU (ISBN): 9780768457780
ISBN10: 0768457785
Candice Smithyman
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2021
Publisher: Destiny Image


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