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  • Turn The Tide


    With the power of the Holy Spirit, we can change the world instead of the world changing us.

    This book will provide the information you need so you can be effectively used by the Holy Spirit to bring reformation to our society in the wake of spiritual revival. You will see how God can use you in both big and small ways to fulfill His great commission.

    How can a spiritual outpouring in the church become a cultural awakening in the society? How can we move from revival to reformation?

    In Turn the Tide, Michael L. Brown, PhD, lays out the key steps believers must take in this new season of revival–from the prayer room to the home, from the schools and universities to the worlds of finance and politics–to see lasting cultural change.

    Drawing from historical revivals and scriptural insights, Brown challenges readers to move beyond the boundaries of the church walls and engage in a transformative journey that permeates every aspect of society. He addresses topics such as how to:

    *deepen our prayer base
    *infiltrate the educational system
    *be grounded in apologetics
    *raise up godly leaders in politics
    *engage the culture wars in the power of the Spirit
    *walk in God’s love and truth without becoming the morality police

    Turn the Tide is an urgent call to believers to rise above complacency and embrace their role as catalysts for societal transformation. It is an essential guidebook for those who long to see their homes, cities, and nations transformed by the power of God.

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  • Your Mission In Gods Army


    Your Ultimate Mission Briefing

    As the enemy wages war against the Lord’s army and the world hurls toward the Second Coming of Christ, God has a unique Kingdom deployment for each of us.

    Highlighting both the urgency and divine opportunity of these difficult days, retired U.S. Army colonel David Giammona and Pulitzer Prize-nominated journalist Troy Anderson initiate you into God’s army. With sharp clarity and motivating biblical instruction, this hands-on manual prepares you to

    * discern your divine destiny and mission
    * develop your hidden spiritual gifts
    * walk in supernatural power, protection and provision
    * glean wisdom from U.S. military intelligence tactics and strategies
    * employ powerful techniques and disciplines used by biblical heroes
    * find your place in the greater mission to help bring in the end-times harvest

    Rather than huddle in fear and uncertainty, you can live with boldness and security, walking by faith as a dynamic, purpose-filled, fully armored warrior of God. You are not just a bystander in these extraordinary times–you are a crucial and remarkable part of God’s divine plan.

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  • Triumph : Your Comprehensive Guide To Spiritual Warfare


    Wage War against the Powers of This Present Darkness–and Win

    Every person is born in a spiritual battle and for a spiritual battle. Yet so many of us are under-equipped and even losing battles we should be winning.

    With his trademark prophetic insight, bestselling author and intercessory leader James W. Goll offers wisdom, hands-on training, and practical instruction presented in short chapters you can apply immediately, learned from the trenches of spiritual warfare. Through comprehensive research, biblical teaching, and a battle plan for victory, Goll equips you to

    * arm yourself with personal and corporate spiritual weapons
    * discern the real enemy and his tactics
    * stand firm and fight effectively
    * enforce the victory of Christ on the cross

    The battle is raging, and it’s time for you to take your place on the front line. But do not fear: You were born for this–and made to triumph in Christ Jesus.

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  • 90 Days Of Power Prayer


    In the hectic pace of day-to-day life, prayer can easily be forgotten and neglected. But Pastor Kynan Bridges is convinced that once believers recognize the power of daily prayer, they will never hesitate to come before Goda(TM)s throne. In this 90-day devotional, he walks through the purpose, the biblical basis, and the uplifting content of ninety different prayers, including:

    *Prayer for protection
    *Prayer for deliverance
    *Prayer for forgiveness
    *Prayer for overcoming fear
    *Prayer for marriage and relationships
    *Prayer for seeing the unseen
    *Prayer for transformation
    *Prayer for overcoming stress

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  • Understanding The Purpose And Power Of Change


    Thriving in a Constantly Changing World

    Changes and disruptions come to us all–whether we are prepared for them or not. We also face sweeping societal changes in our day as pivotal arenas of life converge to transform our globe. How we deal with those inevitable changes, no matter what their source, determines whether they will ultimately be a positive or negative force in our lives.

    Best-selling author Dr. Myles Munroe shows how to experience confidence and move forward with your life’s vision, even in the uncertainty of our changing world. From his extensive experience and creative know-how, he reveals how to transform any change for your good, enabling you to fulfill your God-given purpose. Through this book, you can discover how to:

    *Become an active part of change–not its victim
    *Make preparations for times of change
    *Initiate a much-needed course correction in life
    *Safeguard against disappointment and frustration
    *Rely on your one constant during periods of transition
    *Become creative and innovative
    *Overcome your fears during troubling times
    *Tap into the positive power of change

    No matter what interruptions or upheavals you face, you can be proactive by pursuing your purpose. Let that purpose be your guide so you can exercise your full potential, even in unsettled times.

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  • Favor Aint Fair


    You Were Meant to Soar When Everything Around You is Shaking!

    Everyday life is a journey of peaks and valleys. Circumstances, trials, and challenges are unavoidable. But it is possible for you to rise above whatever comes against you and experience God’s abundant blessings in every season. ??

    In this dynamic new 90-day devotional, New York Times bestselling author Bishop T.D. Jakes offers timeless wisdom for soaring above your challenging seasons. When economies are failing, crises headline the news, and instability seems to be the common theme, the children of God- you-have received an advantage. An unfair advantage. It’s called favor!

    Through daily words of encouragement, Bible-based teachings, inspiring reflections, and thought-provoking journal prompts, Bishop Jakes exhorts you to:

    Walk in God’s abundant provision despite the economic situation. Discover your rights and privileges as a child of God who radiates divine favor. Live like a citizen of Heaven when it seems like all hell is breaking loose in the world. Experience peace and strength in any storm.

    Don’t let your circumstances discourage, define, or disempower you. You are a child of God, a citizen of Heaven. Learn how to position yourself to walk in the King’s favor and experience the peace, power, and provision of Heaven in every season-no matter what is shaking around you!

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  • Unmasking Jezebels Intercessors


    Are You Being Prayed For-Or Preyed On?

    Do you feel like unseen forces are wreaking havoc on your life? As if some who claim to be Christians are actually praying prayers of manipulation and sabotage over you?

    Having fought firsthand against these prayers of witchcraft, bestselling author and prophetic teacher Jennifer LeClaire has seen both personal and regional breakthroughs over this high-level demonic force-and she wants the same for you.

    In Unmasking Jezebel’s Intercessors, Jennifer helps you expose and shut down the manipulative Jezebel spirit that is trying to sabotage your destiny so you can experience immediate breakthrough and victory.

    Full of practical tools and prophetic insight, this book will help you:

    Recognize the Jezebel spirit at work in your life. Combat the witchcraft prayers released against your mind and body. Cancel the demonic assignments sent to destroy your life. Confront Jezebel’s intercessors. Arm yourself with effective spiritual warfare strategies.

    Make no mistake: Jezebel’s intercessors are on a mission to steal, kill, and destroy. Don’t fall prey to their prayers. It’s time to shut down Jezebel’s spiritual sabotage and unleash the destiny God has for you, your church, and your city.

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  • Activating Miracles : Enter Into Supernatural Faith Without Limits


    ” God has an amazing plan for you in which He will use you to do great and mighty things,” says international evangelist Chris Mikkelson. Mikkelson has held meetings for millions and seen a multitude of healings and changed lives. “I believe God is bringing forth a new generation of people like you who will stand in faith, trust completely in His holy Word, confront the fears that paralyze us, and defeat the enemy of our souls. You are part of that generation of believers God wants to use to reach our world with boldness and miraculous power.”

    Belief in God and His power is the key that opens the supernatural to us, and Mikkelson explains that a spiritual war is raging to weaken our faith and stop us from activating miracles. We are being attacked by fears, uncertainties, and challenges to our trust in God. But we can enter into a new dimension of supernatural faith and power that is without limits because it comes directly from God to accomplish His purposes through us.

    Activating Miracles is filled with faith-building teachings and inspiring stories that demonstrate the miraculous events taking place today, from the United States to so-called closed nations, including Pakistan, where God is working in an unprecedented way.

    Prepare to move in a realm of faith that unlocks miracles in your life, enables you to overcome difficult obstacles, and allows you to move into a higher level of ministry to many others who need healing and deliverance. Prepare to activate the miraculous.

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  • Supernatural Provision : Uncovering The Mystery Of God’s Blessing


    Is it possible today to live in God’s blessing? Yes, when we obey the Lord’s highest command: SEEK HIM FIRST. Learn how to seek God first from a heart of love and devotion.
    Then, when doing the work of the Kingdom, He will generate a supernatural flow of provision to distinguish you from the world. Veteran author Dr. Ed King concludes by issuing a charge to embrace the sacredness of God’s blessing as a reward to those who seek Him first.

    Through this book, you will learn how to:

    ” PURSUE God and His righteousness first.
    ” RECOGNIZE God can and will meet your needs.
    ” HARNESS supernatural forces that amplify your work.
    ” WELCOME God’s blessing into your life.
    ” REMEMBER the Lord at all times.

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  • Breaking Demonic Cycles From The Courts Of Heaven


    Find Freedom from Demonic Cycles that Hold You Captive

    Do you have a sense of purpose and destiny, but it feels beyond your grasp? Have you received prophetic words that are not coming to pass? Or maybe it just feels like nothing is making progress in your life?

    For years, bestselling author and global apostolic leader Robert Henderson has helped believers around the world access the Courts of Heaven and receive life-changing breakthroughs straight from Heaven’s Throne Room.

    In this transformational new message, he reveals how the Courts of Heaven hold your God-given destiny–and how to lay hold of it, break free from spiritual holding patterns, and partner with the prophetic words spoken over you by God himself to usher you into a powerful new season.

    With encouragement, key biblical truth, and practical application, Robert gives you a prophetic map for moving into where God has designed and destined you to go. Along the way you will learn how to:

    *come into agreement with what God has written about you in your Book of Destiny.
    *break off the spirit of delay that tries to hinder your progress.
    *hear, declare, embrace, and obey God’s prophetic words.
    *thrive in God no matter what is going on around you.

    Don’t waste one more day feeling stuck or stagnant. Now is your time to move out of where you are and active and advance the fullness of your divine destiny.

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  • Seize The Moment


    Revival is dependent on how much we allow the Holy Spirit to move.

    After reading this book, you will have the confidence to share the good news of what the Holy Spirit is doing in our world with everyone who will listen. You will no longer sit on the sidelines, but rather you will partner with the Holy Spirit to do all that He has asked you to do.

    Respected theologian and Bible scholar Michael L. Brown, PhD, saw firsthand the impact of the long-running Brownsville Revival on the church and the nation. He believes another powerful move of God is on the horizon, and he doesn’t want believers to miss or squander that moment.

    In Seize the Moment, Brown lays out twenty-five proven ways readers can cultivate and sustain revival so it becomes more than an emotional experience and changes their lives, communities, and nations. With insight gleaned from years of experience, Brown challenges readers to:

    *make Jesus and the cross central
    *reach the lost
    *never downplay the importance of holiness
    *steer clear of doctrinal weirdness
    *keep the main thing the main thing
    *and more

    For those who want to be a part of the next great move of God, Revival Rising is essential reading. It will show readers how to embrace revival with wisdom and discernment and avoid the pitfalls that can sabotage a move of God, safeguard the purity of revival, and cultivate an environment where God’s presence dwells unhindered.

    Christians have been praying, fasting, and longing for revival for years. This practical and inspirational book will help them be ready for it when it comes. If readers apply Brown’s wisdom, with the Spirit’s help, instead of messing up a move of God they will enjoy the fruit of revival for many years to come.

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  • Abiding In His Presence


    Get Ready to Reveal the Fullness of God’s Glory

    Do you have a passion to fulfill God’s purpose in your life, yet find yourself repeating the same old patterns? Do you long to move in the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit, yet continue to hit wall after wall? Offering healthy doses of hope and help, global prophetic leaders Chuck D. Pierce and Alemu Beeftu reveal that the key to a life of purpose and power lies in the hidden path to abiding in Christ.

    Through sound biblical teaching, prophetic insight, and real-world application, they guide you through the process of walking with him and remaining in his presence, including how to:

    * be set apart
    * pay the price of obedience
    * seek His face persistently
    * link godly desire to faith
    * embrace your covenant relationship with God
    * overcome the deception of the enemy

    In the coming days, it’s vital that we, as the Body of Christ, learn to abide, making presence-driven lives our reality–and bearing the supernatural fruit this world so desperately needs.

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  • Spirit And Power Of Elijah


    Strongholds can’t be broken without the boldness to confront them.

    After reading this book, you will have the courage to walk in the same anointing as the prophet Elijah to boldly declare the power of the Lord and break off the strongholds holding our world captive to the darkness.As it was in the days of Elijah, a great number of God’s people today dwell in a nation that is on a path of progressive moral decline. America has the most liberal abortion standard in the world. Christians are hooked on pornography. The homosexual agenda is finding acceptance even in the church. Divorce is on the rise in the church. Human trafficking is manifesting as the ugly side of globalization. Those who were once considered great leaders are now preaching a doctrine of inclusion, with Christian who leaders or that are afraid to say on national television that Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.

    With the turn of a new decade plagued with violence, sickness, disease, and economic instability, the people cry out for the prophets to speak. And God is raising up a prophetic people who will help prepare the way for His purposes in our generation. A new company of Elijah prophets–holy, bold, and uncompromising–are being equipped to restore the spiritual destiny of the church in our generation.

    In this book, Michelle McClain-Walters challenges readers to awaken to the call God is stirring in the earth and stand up as modern-day Elijahs who will partner with the Holy Spirit to change the culture by turning hearts back to God. Readers will be encouraged to:

    *Identify the call of God on their lives in this hour and ask, “Am I an Elijah?”

    *Learn what it takes to walk in the spirit and power of Elijah and where they may be in their own journey

    *Understand the different roles miracles play during times of revival, reformation, and restoration

    *Learn to pray prayers that move heaven and shake earth, as well as how to persist in prayer

    This book will empower readers to discover their prophetic destiny in this hour and position themselves to receive a double portion of the spirit and power of Elijah.

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  • Becoming The Voice Of God


    Next-Level Training for Prophetic People

    Many who are called to the office of the Prophet never receive effective, biblical training.

    Becoming the Voice of God was written as an essential training guide to help you grow into the office of the Prophet, equipping you with biblical instruction and wisdom to fully step into your prophetic anointing.

    Emma Stark–a sound, accurate, and well-respected prophet with over a decade of experience operating in her prophetic office and mentoring hundreds of others to do the same–offers this vital handbook for those called to serve as prophets in the body of Christ.

    Emma’s experience and insight will be treasured guideposts on your journey in your prophetic gifting, including:

    *Fear of the Lord
    *Your prayer life
    *The role of prophets

    God is raising up a company of prophets across the earth who will proclaim His voice with boldness, accuracy, excellence, and faith. As you allow Him to mature you as His mouthpiece, you will become the voice that changes your family, community, and nation!

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  • When The Holy Spirit Comes Down


    Expect a Fresh Holy Spirit Outpouring in Your Life Today!

    Can you sense, deep in your soul, a hunger to experience something more? Do you thirst to know God experientially, not just informationally?

    God Himself is stirring these desires in your heart–because He, too, has a burning desire for a thriving, dynamic encounter with you.

    With a pastor’s warmth and a theologian’s keen insight, Dr. Norman Benz reveals ancient revival strategies for preparing your heart to receive the Holy Spirit like never before.

    No matter what church tradition you come from, this book is a warm invitation to all believers to receive the deepest form of ministry available: the life-changing touch of the Holy Spirit. You will discover how to:

    *Press in for the fire of God.
    *Be encouraged by past revivalists and reformed thinkers.
    *Position yourself for an encounter with the Holy Spirit.
    *Pray anointed prayers that open the heavens.
    *Study blueprints of revival in the Old and New Testaments.
    *Prepare the way for moves of the Holy Spirit in your church and life.

    God is longing to quench the thirst of those lost in a spiritual wilderness. It’s time to contend for His life-giving touch and experience an outpouring of His Spirit like a river of life.

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  • Encountering The Living God


    Experience His Glory Like Never Before!

    God created us with a supernatural capacity to interact with Him. Our genetic code is uniquely wired to sense and know Him. Yet many believers shy away from this experiential knowledge.

    Clearing away the confusion, prophetic leader and teacher Venner J. Alston not only gives you a biblical framework for encountering God but also helps you:

    * understand your supernatural capacity to engage with the living God
    * discern the characteristics of true supernatural moments from heaven
    * position yourself to experience God in deeper ways
    * and more!

    God desires all believers to expect and experience encounters with Him–are you ready?

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  • Prophets Third Edition


    A must read for those who are called by God to the prophetic life! In this important book of the making of prophets, Steven Francis establishes the revelation of the Seven Thousand Company. The army of prophets that God is raising up all over the world. These will be a new breed who will walk in the power of the Spirit. They will have an intimate walk with the Lord. This company must walk through the fire of the wilderness test. They will know how to overcome the deceit of the enemy. With more than 750 scriptures, Steven Francis takes you through the Word into the challenges of a prophetic life and how you can overcome through the Holy Spirit. It will empower you to press forward in your pursuit of God.

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  • Capturing Heavens Attention


    Experience God’s Supernatural Power in Action

    Have you heard of God’s supernatural power but never experienced it? Are you tired of talking about a coming move of God–and ready to be an active part of it right now?

    For more than 15 years, Chris Overstreet has followed the leading of God in his life, from ministering in remote places around the world to becoming a pastor and teacher at Bethel Church in Redding. No matter where he found himself, he found the power of God working through him in miraculous ways, transforming lives and healing the sick.

    In Capturing Heaven’s Attention, Chris imparts the key truths and practical principles he’s learned on the frontlines of power evangelism, equipping you to supercharge your intimacy with God, become a yielded vessel, and experience greater levels of God’s miraculous manifestations.

    You’ll not only learn to partner with God, but you’ll also discover how to:

    Recognize promptings from God.Act quickly on what He reveals to you.Overcome the fears and misgivings that hold you back.Position yourself to see the supernatural take place.Step into the fullness of the power and presence of God.

    You will experience the miraculous when you stop accepting powerless disappointment–and step out in radical obedience that releases God’s supernatural power to a world in need.

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  • Your Next Leap Of Faith


    Live Fearless in a World Dominated by Fear

    In the space of just nineteen days, former Army Special Forces officer and police officer Shane Winnings went from a public, six-figure career to an unpaid, full-time missionary position across the country. His story exploded across social media, and to this day he reaches millions each week with his audacious daily encouragement to be a light in a dark world.

    Showing how hearing God’s voice changes the trajectory of your entire life, Shane infuses you with courage to cast off the world’s crushing expectations and go all in for Christ. Through incredible testimonies and real-world application, he empowers you to:

    * say yes to Jesus
    * tune into His voice
    * press through your fears and anxiety
    * boldly follow where God leads
    * take faith-filled risks

    You can have a life of incredible adventures, lifesaving protection, and improbable peace. Take your next leap of faith–and never look back.

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  • Near Death Experiences


    If you have ever been curious about life beyond the grave, if you’ve ever doubted whether Heaven really exists, Near Death Experiences is the powerful testimony of life beyond the veil that you’ve been waiting for.

    In Near Death Experiences, Randy Kay and Shaun Tabatt have collected fascinating stories of near-death experiences and afterlife encounters from ordinary people who have visited Heaven. Each of these brief accounts paints a clear picture of what heaven is really like and the radical life-changing experiences from those who have stood in the presence of Jesus.

    These supernatural accounts of the afterlife will:

    *Confront misconceptions about God and Heaven
    *Impart the healing love of the Father
    *Offer a Heavenly perspective on earthly trials
    *Bestow hope to those grieving the loss of loved ones
    *Portray the activity of Heaven and its direct effect on your daily life

    Don’t spend another day in confusion or uncertainty. In Near Death Experiences, you will find the afterlife answers, Heavenly hope, and eternal encouragement that you have been seeking.

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  • Warrior King : A Battle With The World, The Flesh, And The Devil


    We think our biggest spiritual enemy is Satan, but it’s really our flesh.

    This book will help you to see Christ as the one who is able to take on all spiritual battles so that you know you are not alone in this journey of life.

    In her first two books, The Heavens Opened and The Priestly Bride, Anna Rountree chronicled her remarkable visions of heaven, giving readers a glimpse of what heaven is like and how events happening in the earth today correspond with activities in the spirit realm. In this third book in her trilogy, Rountree offers a revelation of mankind’s chief enemy, the flesh, and how our heavenly Father trains us to be warriors for the fierce battles to come.

    Caught up once again in a vision of heaven, Rountree sees the redeemed and the heavenly hosts armed for war. She is told that all God’s children are issued armor but not everyone heeds the command to put on the full armor of God. As with all equipment, this armor must be tested before being worn into conflict.

    Thus begins the tests to fit Rountree for battle. These tests take place underground in the root system of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which is the flesh. The seriousness of the tests-tests all Christians must take-are both shocking and revelatory. This book takes readers on a journey through the dark bowels of the flesh and reveals how they can come out armed as overcomers who serves the Warrior King.

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  • Warrior Bride : Conquering The Five Demonic Spirits That War Against God’s


    These Five Insidious Spirits Have Marked You for Destruction

    Does it feel as if the host of hell is aimed at preventing you from advancing, from stepping into God’s destiny for your life?

    They are–and their attacks are planned, plotted, and targeted by five insidious spirits hell-bent on destroying the body of Christ: Leviathan, Jezebel, Religious Spirit, Depression, and Vanity. Deployed to war against the five-fold ministry offices–apostles, prophets, teachers, pastors, and evangelists–these demonic agents coordinate their attacks not just against leaders, but also against every believer who occupies these functions in any sphere of influence.

    With passion and piercing insights, international prophet and bestselling author Jeremiah Johnson exposes these demonic forces and their tactics, empowering you with courage to prevail against any attack by operating as Jesus’ end-time church-the Warrior Bride.

    This landmark book will equip you to become spiritually armed and dangerous, giving you the tools, strategies, and weapons to:

    *Identify which evil spirit specifically wars against your unique operation in the body of Christ
    *Discern the enemy’s influence and ancient strategies at work in your life
    *Overthrow every demonic attack against you
    *Advance into your divine destiny

    Now it’s your turn to live on the offense, crushing the enemy’s assaults every time they come against you!

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  • Anointing Of Preservation


    Live shielded from Hell’s interruptions.

    Is it possible to live in a dimension of God’s divine protection where you are safeguarded from the attacks of the enemy? Jesus said that in the world we would have tribulation, but with that statement came a radical promise: He had overcome the world. This same anointing of divine preservation lives inside of you!

    What is preservation? Divine protection — a dimension where God is watching over you so no scheme or strategy of the enemy can prevail against you. Prophet and pastor Hank Kunneman teaches you how to activate God’s divine protection so you are shielded from the dark strategies of the enemy.

    Get ready to:

    *Understand how the spirit realm operates in a greater dimension.
    *Cooperate with God’s supernatural activity in your life.
    *Spiritually shield your life, your family, your home, and your nation from the plots of satan.
    *Discern how the anointing of preservation significantly impacts the natural realm in spectacular ways, confirming God’s hand is at work.

    The truths in this book will show you how to partner with the spirit realm to gain protection from evil so you can bring God’s Kingdom to Earth!

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  • When Heaven Invades Your Life


    A Devotional to Help You Walk in the Miraculous Every Day!

    Access to a lifestyle of miracles is our spiritual inheritance as believers–so why do so many of us settle for powerless lives? Most often, it’s because we need to be reminded of what, and Who, we carry.

    In this powerful daily devotional, bestselling author and pastor Bill Johnson commissions you to steward and carry God’s supernatural power, empowering you to experience and release the miraculous every day

    Full of thought-provoking quotes, invigorating teachings, inspiring Scripture readings, and prayer activations, this powerful devotional is your daily reminder and guide to:

    *Access the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.
    *Reclaim your true identity.
    *Experience supernatural courage.
    *Keep the fires of personal revival burning in your heart.
    *Unleash God’s miracle-working power in your everyday life.

    Don’t squander your inheritance. Your spiritual bank account is overflowing; learn how to make daily withdrawals from everything that Jesus made available to you–and discover a life where miracles, signs, and wonders are a glorious, everyday phenomenon.

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  • Daily Decrees For Government And Nations


    Raise Your Voice, Agree with Heaven, and Shift Your Nation!

    Do you feel overwhelmed and fearful about what is happening in your nation? The headlines and newsfeeds are bombarded with government corruption, scandal, celebration of immorality, violence, economic turbulence, and overall uncertainty. With each passing day, it feels like the swirl of chaos gets closer and closer to your door.

    Fear not – you are not powerless! You have a weapon that, if activated and used, can supernaturally shift the course of your nation, release righteousness into the streets, protect your children and grandchildren, prosper your finances, expose corruption in high places of government, and turn around even the most hopeless of situations.

    That weapon is your voice declaring the decrees of God!

    In Daily Decrees for Awakening Your Nation, dynamic and world-renown teacher Brenda Kunneman equips you with fresh, Holy Spirit-inspired decrees that have the power to shift nations, cancel chaos, and create a peaceful life for you, your family, and future generations.

    You will:

    Stop living in fear by making faith-filled, Bible-based decrees over your nation

    Call forth God’s ordained future by declaring the rule and reign of His Kingdom to influence the direction of your nation

    Destroy the agenda of hell by making decrees that expose corruption, overturn unrighteous legislation, and flood the streets with Heaven’s goodness

    Prophesy revival and awakening over your nation, decreeing God’s ultimate desire to fill your land with the outpouring of the Holy Spirit

    Don’t let hell shut you up! Without you, the powers of darkness will continue to ravage and destroy nations. But when you begin to boldly open your mouth, declaring the decrees of Heaven over the land, the floodgates of Heaven will open and the purposes of God will be released.

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  • Miracle Ministry Of John G Lake


    Dare to Believe God for Greater Things

    You may have seen a few miracles or experienced breakthroughs in prayer, but maybe it’s time to take your faith to a new level of expectation. Let these extraordinary testimonies and quotes from the life of Dr. John G. Lake inspire you to believe God for more than ever before.

    In Adventures in God, Lake shares evidence and truths of God’s miracle power available to you and every believer that will press into God’s presence.

    Dr. Lake was taught that the time of miracles was over, but he dared to believe God for his wife’s healing. Once Lake grasped the revelation of Jesus’ healing power, he traveled the world proclaiming God’s healing message. It was during his ministry at Lake’s Divine Healing Institute in Spokane, Washington, that the city was documented by the United States Government as “…the healthiest city in the world….”

    God is no respecter of persons, and He desires you to fulfill your destiny in Christ. Stir up the gift of God within you today, through the anointed teachings and miracle experiences of Dr. John G. Lake.

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  • Deliverance From Prophetic Witchcraft


    Don’t Become a Victim of Prophetic Witchcraft

    Are you struggling with sickness, relationship issues, finances, or mental health? Does it feel like you can never catch a break or get ahead of crushing obligations? These are all manifestations of prophetic witchcraft–which means you have unknowingly given the enemy access to your life.

    In these last days, false prophets abound, stealthily infiltrating our churches. Many, blinded by pride or ignorance, fall prey to their subtle ploys. But if you find yourself in bondage, there is hope.

    With decades of experience in spiritual warfare and prophetic ministry, bestselling author Jennifer LeClaire exposes these false prophets, empowering you to break free from their deceptions and witchcraft so you can walk in supernatural victory in all areas of your life.

    Practical, encouraging, and full of wisdom, this book is your road map to freedom, helping you partner with the Holy Spirit to:

    *Identify the signs of prophetic witchcraft and manipulation at work in your life.
    *Break agreements with prophetic soul ties.
    *Reverse evil prophetic decrees over your life.
    *Overcome financial and relational witchcraft.
    *Receive healing from witchcraft-inspired sickness and disease.
    *Experience a spiritual overhaul and soul detox.
    *Rebuild trust in the true prophetic.

    You are a victor–not a victim. Here is everything you need to expose the enemy’s insidious deceptions, cast down the havoc of prophetic witchcraft, and experience complete, supernatural freedom and deliverance.

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  • Visiting Heaven : Heavenly Keys To A Life Without Limitations



    Driven by ambition, Dale Black’s entire life was fixated on personal success… until the day when everything changed. As the only survivor of a horrific plane crash, he encountered the spectacular glories of Heaven. After regaining consciousness, Dale made a supernatural physical recovery, and against all odds went on to become a jet pilot, aviation safety specialist and award-winning airline pilot instructor.

    Today, he inspires people worldwide by sharing about the glories of Heaven and the love of God which he encountered during his life-changing visit to Heaven.

    “Those who truly love God will love Heaven. Heaven is not meant to be an amusement park destination, but a purposeful lifestyle that is designed to bless and benefit all who reside there. In Heaven you fulfill your predestined purpose while being empowered by the Light and Life and Love of God which exudes from the Throne.”

    Dale’s incredible story will stir a passion for eternity now as you…

    *Gain clarity about how life continues on after death
    *Understand God’s awesome plan for your life
    *Discover how valuable your life really is
    *Gain greater purpose and clarity today, in light of eternity
    *Learn why the glories of Heaven help prepare you for the future

    Strap in for the ride of your life as Dale Black shares his journey to Heaven. It changed him forever, and it’s sure to change you!

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  • Receiving The Isaac Promise


    Experience an Unprecedented Outpouring of Holy Spirit Fire, Power, and Miracles

    Have we experienced the pinnacle of Holy Spirit power? Has the Lord poured out the full measure of His presence on the earth? Is what we’ve seen all there is?

    The devil wants you to think so. And just like he did with Abraham, he’s working hard to stop you short of God’s miracle promise. He wants you to settle for an “Ishmael” when your supernatural “Isaac” awaits.

    In his most prophetic book yet, R. T. Kendall–one of the most respected and reputable Bible teachers of this generation–exposes the dangerous deception preventing you from experiencing more of the Spirit in your life and shows you how to stop striving and instead position yourself for the coming outpouring that’s beyond anything the Earth has ever seen.

    This prophetic wake-up call is a burning exhortation from one who cherishes the movement of the Spirit, equipping you to join the company of people who, like Abraham…

    *Break out of spiritual confinement
    *Believe and agree with His Word
    *Contend for the fullness of what’s available
    *Position yourself to receive His supernatural promise
    *Experience an unprecedented outpouring of the Holy Spirit

    Stop settling for a foretaste of glory. Stand in faith that the best is yet to come and help usher in a sweeping supernatural awakening and end-times revival unlike anything the world has ever seen.

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  • Breaking Generational Curses From The Courts Of Heaven


    Stop Allowing Demonic Curses Access to You and Your Family

    Are your prayers going unanswered? Have you been suffering with no respite or breakthrough? Does it feel like the devil is opposing you at every turn? These are just a few signs that generational curses are at work in your life.

    Don’t be fooled: The curses flowing down your earthly bloodlines can–and do–harass you in the here and now. Yet through the work of Jesus, your Advocate and Intercessor, you are fully equipped to break every curse holding you back.

    Having experienced freedom in his own life and lineage, apostle and bestselling author Robert Henderson takes you to the Courts of Heaven, guiding you through the process of annulling demonic curses and clearing the way for breakthrough and victory.

    In this biblical and accessible guide, he equips you to:

    *Identify signs and symptoms of curses operating in your life.
    *Apply the legal work of Jesus in the Courts of Heaven to demolish bloodline curses.
    *Make breakthrough decrees.
    *Release the voice of Jesus, Your Advocate, over every curse holding you back from victory.

    Renounce and revoke all generational curses today, and watch the floodgates of Heaven open over your life–and the lives of your family!

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  • Cast It Out


    If Jesus spent one-third of His ministry casting out demons, why do so many churches virtually ignore deliverance?

    By reading this book, I will understand the purpose behind casting out demonic entities and why all Christians are called to help set the captives free.

    For years, Baptist pastor Greg Locke believed deliverance ministry and supernatural signs and wonders were just hyped-up “charismaniac” nonsense. But then God removed his denominational lenses and showed him what the Bible actually says about the gifts of the Holy Spirit–and his life and ministry haven’t been the same . Suddenly, people started getting healed in his services. Miracles and wonders abounded. And Locke was casting out demons in Sunday services that lasted until 2:30 the next morning.

    Today, the firebrand preacher is well-known for his popular documentary Come Out in Jesus’ Name and teaches others how to help people get free of demonic oppression. In Cast It Out, the third book in his Spiritual Warfare Series, Locke testifies of what the Lord has done in his life and ministry and shares the biblical truth and inspired revelations God used to erase all his doubts about the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. In what he considers his most important work yet, Locke addresses:

    *What the Bible says about deliverance
    *Whether Christians can be demonized
    *Popular objections to deliverance ministry
    *How Jesus dealt with demons

    Locke believes the church is on the cusp of the most important spiritual awakening in the history of Christianity and we must all be prepared to engage in what Jesus spent one-third of His ministry doing: casting out demons. In this book, he offers biblical answers to the most pressing deliverance questions and equips readers to help others find true freedom and healing in Christ.

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  • Words That Move Mountains


    He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also; and greater works than these he will do, because I go to My Father. (John 14:12)

    Through the words and ministry of E. W. Kenyon and Don Gossett, you will discover what happened in their lives–and what can take place in your own life. Find out how you can…

    – Walk in divine health and wholeness
    – Overcome the power of evil
    – Experience God’s power in your life
    – Perform the miracles that Christ did
    – See the “incurable” healed
    – Lead the lost to Christ
    – Minister in God’s anointing

    Here you will discover how you can personally receive God’s healing touch and how God can use you to bring healing to others. You will learn to use the Words That Move Mountains.

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  • Only Believe For Healing


    Whatever God promised in His Word, Smith Wigglesworth believed – and of all God’s promises, one of the greatest is the healing we are called to receive in His name.

    Through the miracles that transpired when Wigglesworth “took God at His Word,” we learn to believe for our own divine restoration. In this 90-day devotional, we’re called to look deeper at what healing can mean in our lives and the lives of others.

    Find the assurance to stand on God’s promises in all areas of wholeness and healing as you:

    *Learn to pray for deliverance
    *Deepen your trust of God’s care and provision
    *Receive the peace of a divine perspective
    *Experience a broad sense of healing that’s both physical and spiritual
    *Encourage others as you grow in hope and confidence in God’s healing touch

    This cultivated collection of classic devotions from the “Apostle of Faith” will connect you to God’s fullness of healing far beyond earthly measures as He calls us to receive “the forgiveness of sin, healing of diseases, and the fullness of the Spirit.”

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  • On The Road With The Holy Spirit


    You are only one story away from seeing the miraculous unfold in your life.

    After reading this book, you will understand how to slow down and savor the moments that you have seen the Holy Spirit working and moving in miraculous ways, and you will live expectantly to see even greater things come to pass.

    More than a hundred years ago, healing minister Maria Woodworth-Etter chronicled the work of the Holy Spirit through her ministry in a book she titled A Diary of Signs and Wonders. That book ushered in a healing revival before anyone had ever heard of such a thing, and it has become a reference standard among many modern Christians. In On the Road With the Holy Spirit, author Ken Fish takes a page from Woodworth-Etter and chronicles how he has seen the Holy Spirit move in modern times through his own ministry.

    In addition to sharing the miraculous signs and wonders he has witnessed, Fish creates a theological lens through which to view the events recorded. This not only empowers readers to understand why miraculous signs take place but also will help them experience the miraculous in their own lives. Focusing on the importance of God’s presence, prophecy, power, purity, and prayer in seeing the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives, this book will inspire readers to live the life of the miraculous and help usher in an unprecedented move of God in our day.

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  • Pursuing Gods Presence


    How a Presence-Centered Life Changes Everything

    Balancing Scripture and Spirit, pastor and professor Roger Helland shows pursuing God’s presence isn’t about seeking signs and wonders–it’s about seeking God’s kavod: His radiant glory, His manifest presence. Sorting through common fears and misunderstandings about God’s presence, Helland offers biblical and practical teaching, to help you:

    * pursue God’s presence and holiness in everyday life,
    * live a presence-centered life at work, home and church,
    * enjoy a deeper biblical fullness of the Holy Spirit and
    * experience God’s supernatural strength, vitality, renewal and joy.

    God’s kavod changes everything. When you learn to seek, experience and host His presence, it will transform you–and the world.

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  • Servants Of Fire


    Deploying God’s Angelic Army

    In the realm of the spirit, invisible forces contend over the will of God for your life, but you are not alone in this fight. Warrior angels-servants of fire-have been sent to minister to you as an heir of salvation.

    Joseph Z, Bible teacher and prophetic seer, reveals the role of God’s angelic warriors who carry out the Word of God on your behalf.

    Servants of Fire delivers sound biblical instruction to unveil the realm of the spirit and bring to pass the will, plans, and purposes of God on the earth.

    You will learn to…

    Activate and cooperate with angelic forcesUnderstand ranks of angels and how they functionDemystify angelic encounters in the BiblePut angels to work with your words Experience breakthroughs in prayer

    Understand how to partner with these servants of fire so you can experience the maximum impact of a victorious life in God!

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  • Spirit Led Living In An Upside Down World


    What if the greatest power you could ever tap into is right in front of you?

    After reading this book, you will have the confidence to walk in the victory Christ died for and begin living exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything you ever could have hoped for or imagined.

    There is a power so great it can help you not only survive but thrive in this crazy world, a power that can give you joy and peace, result in miracles, and make you victorious no matter what. It’s a power that comes from the third member of the Godhead, the Holy Spirit. It’s the power that took the teachings of a young carpenter from Galilee and turned upside down the most ruthless empire of its era, overcoming the paganism that went with it.

    It’s a power that seemed dormant for almost two millennia but has been restored to the church as was told in the Bible. And it’s available today to help you understand the future, have faith to believe for miracles, and know unspeakable peace and happiness no matter your circumstances.

    Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World takes you on a journey to help you understand how you can experience this power and know the Holy Spirit intimately. After covering the work of the Holy Spirit for more than four decades as a journalist, Stephen E. Strang helps readers understand that power is there for the asking–even if others misuse or ignore it. It’s there to give you victory over the forces of evil, help you stand strong when the culture wants you to compromise, and give you the tools to prosper in body, soul, and spirit.

    When he was a young newspaper reporter, Strang experienced this power in a way “exceedingly abundantly above” all he could have asked or thought (Eph. 3:20), and you will too.

    This power will open your spiritual eyes to help you hear from God, deepen your prayer life, and explain the groanings that cannot be uttered. Sharing stories from his own experience and from dozens of modern heroes of the faith, Strang will uplift you and inspire you to:

    *connect with God in new, fresh ways;
    *be a powerful influence on your family, friends, and community;
    *deepen your faith so you can move mountains;
    *learn to be led by the Spirit to uncover your heart’s deepest desires; and
    *overcome challenges and fulfill your dreams and purpose in life.

    Spirit-Led Living in an Upside-Down World is not only one of the most important books you’ll ever read but also one of the most profound. It will reveal the most stunning secrets and

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  • Moving In Miracles And Healing


    A Powerful Guidebook to Operating in the Miraculous

    Though many believers hear stories about healings and miracles, they fail to see them in their lives. Why?

    International healing evangelist, Jean-Luc Traschel believes we have missed the five biblical cornerstones of healing that empower you to walk in the supernatural as an everyday lifestyle not just an occasional occurrence.

    Jean-Luc started praying for the sick when he was sixteen years old. Today, after more than three decades of supernatural power encounters, he offers insights, personal experiences, biblical foundation, and practical instruction for you to believe for and experience miracles in your life!

    In Moving in Miracles and Healing, Jean-Luc Traschel empowers you to overcome every barrier and see the supernatural break in by applying the five cornerstones for biblical healing.You will:

    *Encounter Jehovah Rapha, the God Whose very name is Healer

    *Discover the legal foundation for healing that will help you build unshakable faith for the miraculous

    *Operate in the realm of Kingdom Demonstration where you shift from being an ordinary believer to a Kingdom-minded ambassador

    *Move in the realm of faith where you learn how to pull the possible into the impossible

    *Be led by the Holy Spirit and partner with His unique healing methods for each situation

    Don’t settle for less than the miraculous! Unlock the simple key to moving in the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit, and see the Kingdom of God break into your world

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  • Anything Is Possible


    What happens when the unexplainable intersects the undeniable?

    Miracles are impossible. The defy explanation. They can’t be real. And yet, miracles surround us every day. Where we face something that we can’t fix and run out of options. Where the limited and finite ability of man ends and unlimited and infinite will of God begins. Where what is impossible with man is possible with God.

    In Anything is Possible, Joby Martin, bestselling author and Lead Pastor of The Church of Eleven 22, examines nine miracles of Jesus–the miracle at the wedding of Cana, the story of the cripple at the pool of Bethesda, the feeding of the 5,000, the raising of Lazarus–and shows how each teaches us something unique about how God wants to relate to us.

    Written with New York Times bestselling author Charles Martin, Anything is Possible is an insightful and spiritually rich look the miracles of Christ, and how the greatest miracles of all changed everything. Ultimately, he encourages readers that God still does miracles today, that believers have access to the incredible power that raised Jesus from the dead, and, ultimately, reminds us not to seek miracles themselves, but the one who performs them.

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  • Looking Unto Jesus


    There is nothing that transforms the human heart like the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

    Countless sermons offer strategies for overcoming your past, building unshakable faith, and experiencing breakthrough. But nothing can transform the human heart like the revelation of the person of Jesus Christ.

    In Looking Unto Jesus: 30 Days of Transformation, Steve Foss takes you on a voyage through more than two dozen descriptions of Jesus found in Revelation 1. These depictions unveil “the light of the knowledge of the glory of God [as revealed] in the face of Jesus Christ” (2 Cor. 4:6). Only as you see Jesus as He is will you be able to stand in these days of increasing crisis.

    This book will take you into the deep and intimate knowledge of Jesus’ character, nature, authority, and coming kingdom.

    In this thirty-day journey, you will learn the power and meaning behind why Jesus is called:

    *The faithful witness
    *The firstborn from the dead
    *The Alpha and Omega, and more

    We are living in a time when God is opening His Word like never before and unveiling the greatest revelation of Jesus Christ the world has ever known. Through these thirty days of transformation, as you focus on Jesus and what He is focused on-the end of the age-you will be empowered and transformed from glory to glory.

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  • Heart On Fire


    You are alive right now for a reason–your purpose predestined for such a time as this.

    As the world slips deeper into darkness, most Christians feel stuck, powerless to effect change. Yet changing the world–your world–starts with you, right where you are, with a heart full of fire for Jesus.

    Grounded in biblical teaching and drawing from his own renewal experiences, pastor and revivalist Glen Berteau emboldens you to get fed up with the ineffectual status quo, showing you how to:

    * ignite the supernatural power God has placed in you
    * be filled up with the Holy Spirit
    * get fired up for what God can do through you
    * see beyond your current circumstance
    * and live a faith without limits

    You’re a Kingdom weapon, energized by God’s mighty power and forged to stand strong for what you believe, tear down strongholds, eradicate hatred and bring dead things to life. You are chosen to change the world.

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  • Supernatural Prayer Of Jesus


    Miracle-Secrets From the Most Supernatural Prayer in the Bible

    Many believers struggle with prayer: “How do I pray? What do I say? How do I know if my prayers are working?”

    Chad Gonzales has spent nearly two decades studying and meditating on the prayer Jesus in John Chapter 17. Commonly referred to as “The High Priestly Prayer,” this single chapter of Scripture grants you access to every miracle, sign, wonder, answered prayer, supernatural provision, and blessing that Jesus secured for you!

    In the Supernatural Prayer of Jesus, Chad Gonzales teaches you to access the miracles, signs, wonders, answered prayers, supernatural provision, and every blessing that Jesus secured through His High Priestly prayer in John Chapter 17.

    Available in this prayer are…

    *Supernatural Safety in Jesus’ Name
    *Heavenly Joy, no matter what circumstance you are facing
    *Defense from Satan and the forces of darkness
    *Access to the Glory that Jesus and the Father enjoyed
    *Deeper Experience of the love of God
    *Definitive Victory in the midst of life’s trials
    *and much more!
    ring biblical realities into your everyday! Learn to pray John 17, and access deeper fellowship with the Father and greater supernatural demonstration in your life.

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  • Grace Ambassador : Bringing Heaven To Earth


    As believers, we have received unimaginable grace from the Father. Unfortunately, we often stop there. We live contained lives, separating our faith from our everyday interactions, passive about passing on the grace given to us. And then we wonder what good we are doing in the world.

    With depth and insight, Dr. John Jackson shows that we are positioned for the greatest season of revival in history–and grace distributed is the key. Through biblical teaching and prophetic revelation, Dr. Jackson helps you step into your role as a heavenly ambassador and partner with the Holy Spirit to share the grace you’ve been given wherever you go.

    The world is desperate for what you have, aching for sweeping social change, hope, and revival. When your life and faith intersect, you can unleash the redemptive presence of Jesus in your home, workplace, and community. Transformation happens when we bring heaven to earth.

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  • Impacting The Seven Mountains From The Courts Of Heaven


    Robert Henderson started to explore the question, “what would the seven mountains of culture look like in a reformed state?” There is much talk in the apostolic and prophetic community about reformation and transformation, but sometimes, we don’t have a clear vision of what it would actually look like for these spheres of influence to be modeled, shaped, and impacted by believers who carry the Kingdom of God into their everyday places of assignment.

    As the bestselling teacher and leading authority on the Courts of Heaven, Robert Henderson explores each of the seven mountains of influence-religion, arts and entertainment, media, business, government, family, and education-and gives a powerful vision of what each one could look like if it were transformed and served by the Kingdom of God.

    However, in order to see principalities broken and ruling spiritual forces dismantled, we must do more than pray standard warfare prayers; we must enter the Courts of Heaven to contend for Kingdom influence and impact!

    In Impacting the Seven Mountains from the Courts of Heaven, you will…

    *Receive a prophetic blueprint of each of the seven mountains in a reformed state

    *Enter the Courts of Heaven to pray for the sphere of influence you have been called to reach and impact

    *Identify the spiritual powers that are demonically influencing the different spheres of influence

    Bring your case before the Courts of Heaven, and watch as God brings supernatural reformation to the seven mountains!

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  • Power To Prosper In Troubled Times


    The financial system of this world has always been extremely unstable. Inflation, recession and depression are always threatening. The economy can change fast. Overnight, people can go from rich to completely broke.

    But the good news is you don’t have to be dependent on the world’s economy. As believers, we’re part of a different system. We can look to our God for supply, and His storehouses are always well-stocked. They’re overflowing with abundance all the time.

    Can you really tap into heaven’s abundance while living here on earth? YES, and this power-packed, 90-day guide will help you do it!As you feast daily on faith-building scriptures and inspiring teachings, your confidence in God’s desire to BLESS you financially will soar. You’ll see more clearly than ever before that God has a never-ending stream of increase for you. You’ll read inspiring, real-life examples of how God has prospered others in impossible situations and see how He has promised to do the same for you.

    So, get ready to increase! Get ready to claim, with greater boldness, all God has laid up for you so when the world’s economy falters, you’ll continue to flourish.

    Take hold of the power to prosper in troubled times!

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  • His Blood Speaks


    Guaranteeing the Devil’s Defeat!

    Unseen forces and hindrances–fear, failure, sickness, trauma, guilt, and more often try to stand in your way. These destructive enemies play keep-away with God’s best for your life.

    Is there a way to permanently overcome? Yes! The Blood of Jesus!

    In His Blood Speaks, a powerful 31-day devotional, Ginger Ziegler points out that your victory is in the voice of Jesus’ Blood. When Cain killed is brother, Abel, his blood spoke from the ground, crying vengeance. But even today, Jesus’ Blood speaks from heaven, crying forgiveness and mercy.

    As you digest this devotional’s mini-teachings on a daily basis, the Blood of Jesus will silence your accuser, crying in your behalf:

    *freedom instead of bondage righteousness instead of unrighteousness
    *exoneration instead of condemnation
    *health instead of sickness
    *prosperity instead of poverty
    *acceptance instead of rejection and everything else you will ever need . . . now and throughout eternity!

    The Blood of Jesus is your major weapon to live victoriously. It’s a change agent that guarantees and enforces the devil’s defeat. Start right now living your life in the freedom Jesus’ Blood purchased for you!

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  • 10 Prophetic Values For Today


    This is a pivotal time in the Body of Christ concerning prophecy and hearing God’s voice. Over the last few years, credibility issues have arisen within the prophetic movement. People are disillusioned, frustrated, and unsure who to trust. Yet God is still speaking–clearer than ever before. But are we listening?

    Full of hope and practical insights, this book is a clarion call to all believers to lean in and pursue hearing God again. You will learn how to tune out the noise of the world and get back the basics of how to hear God clearly and correctly. You were created to hear and know his voice. Here is what you need to rediscover how to hear him with accuracy–and help restore integrity and trust in the only Voice that speaks peace in these troubled, unprecedented times.

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  • Pray Until : The Secret To Receiving Your Miracle


    Discover the Secret to Receiving Your Miracle

    Your until moment is coming – that victorious moment of breakthrough after your long season of desperate prayer finally pays off! When it seems like the fight is lost, don’t despair–this fight is fixed for you to win!

    Pastor, teacher, and globally recognized worship leader, Judy Jacobs, has drawn a line in the sand, and invites you to join her: I’m reaching for the unreachable; believing for the incredible; expecting to see the impossible; and I’m walking in faith toward my miracle!

    The revelations in the book come from the turmoil and victory of Judy’s personal experiences, which she shares in raw detail. Through her story, paired with powerful Biblical teaching, you will discover:

    *The secret to receiving all that you desire from your Heavenly Father who wants to bless you more than you can hope or imagine.

    *The key hidden inside of you that cannot be released until you hit supernatural desperation.

    *The prayer tenacity it takes to believe God and stay focused on your ‘UNTIL’ breakthrough.

    *How to touch Heaven and unleash the power of God in your life.

    If God is for you, who can be against you? How long do you pray when you have a promise from God? You pray… until!

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  • Grace And Forgiveness


    Forgiveness is the Key for Healing and Personal Revival

    If you’ve been frustrated by fruitless prayers for healing, greater supernatural encounters, or corporate revival, you may be experiencing a serious spiritual blockage: unforgiveness.

    Scripture is clear – clinging to unforgiveness will inhibit your full experience of salvation and grant Satan access to your life. Conversely, releasing forgiveness unleashes a flood of divine healing, personal freedom, supernatural encounters, and revival!

    John and Carol Arnott, leaders of the Toronto Blessing and pioneers of Catch the Fire Ministries, have witnessed this truth time and again in their many years of supernatural ministry. Here, they present their classic, best selling work to a new generation. Grace and Forgiveness resounds as a clarion call in a culture filled with opportunities for offense and bitterness.

    In this short, power-packed book, the Arnotts help you discover forgiveness as the key for revival!

    Learn how to…

    *Identify demonic claims over your life due to unforgiveness
    *Be liberated from the prison of unforgiveness
    *Find true justice in the hands of God
    *Receive supernatural healing by letting go of offense
    *Break open doors in the spirit realm by releasing forgiveness
    *Receive supernatural empowerment to forgive

    Discover the magnitude of God’s love, and experience the supernatural power of grace!

    Featuring powerful, guided prayers for breaking judgment and releasing forgiveness!

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  • Prayers And Decrees That Activate Angel Armies


    Activate Heaven’s angel armies to move on your behalf!

    When you decree and declare what the Bible says, the angels of God are activated to perform the works and wonders of the Lord on your behalf.

    In this powerful book, Dr. Tim Sheets draws inspiration from his bestselling Angel Armies series to offer Spirit-empowered decrees that bring Heaven to earth. You will be equipped to speak words that mobilize the Heavenly hosts to accomplish God’s victorious plan for your life.

    As you use these prayers and declarations, your words will release the power to:

    *Cut off the strategies of hell and bring transformation and deliverance to entire regions
    *War victoriously in the spirit realm as angels give assistance and provide protection
    *Mobilize the hosts of Heaven to unlock miracles, signs and wonders
    *Plant the Heavens with words, decrees and prayers that release biblical results
    *Unlock the Third Great Awakening

    Multitudes of angels have been waiting for you to release them on assignment with bold, Scripture-saturated decrees. Open your mouth, speak God’s Word, and watch the angel armies bring Kingdom transformation to your world!

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