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Robin Jones Gunn

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  • Salty Toes


    Christy and Todd, the much loved characters from the modern classic Christy Miller Series have come alive to millions of readers over the last two decades. Girls who grew up with Christy and followed her through Christy & Todd: The College Years are now flocking to Christy & Todd: The Married Years.

    In this new three-book series, The Baby Years, avid fans will share the joys and pains along with Christy as she and Todd have their first baby and experience all the changes that come with children. They will model a realistic young marriage while showing how to grow closer as a couple, begin to raise a family and learn to trust God.

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  • As You Wish


    Back in the U.S. after a year abroad, Christy is reunited with her friends. When a couple close to her ends their marriage, it causes her to rethink her relationship with Todd. Will life turn out like she wishes?

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  • Christy Millers Diary


    Readers of the best-selling Christy Miller Series want to know more about Christy.
    What was she thinking and feeling as she went through high school? During college?
    Her first year of marriage? Now all the heartfelt details are here on the pages of Christy
    Miller’s Diary. As the characters from this series have continued to mature and grow in
    their faith, Christy has faithfully kept her diary, the pages of which are now open to the
    reader. This book originally was released in 1999 and entitled From the Secret Place in My
    Heart. It has been out of print for eight years. This updated and expanded version (50 new
    pages) will delight readers of all ages who have been waiting for the next story about this
    group of Forever Friends.

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