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Richard Coekin

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  • Faith For Life


    As Christians, we experience great joy in knowing God through Jesus and great hope in the promise of an eternity spent with God. Yet we still get weary in this life and can feel discouraged. Whether it’s personal disappointment, opposition or just the costly grind of church life that gets us down, we all need help to keep going.

    This wonderfully encouraging book by Bible expositor Richard Coekin will spur you on to live by faith in Jesus as you examine the witnesses of Hebrews 11. The refreshing honesty of their stories will help you manage your expectations in a world of lies and spin. They will remind you of the glory and blessing that await you at the finishing line. And they will encourage you to see that Jesus is the real Hero of the faith and that his Spirit will enable you to endure through exhaustion, opposition and discouragement.

    Ideal for private devotional reading for those in need of refreshment, a timely gift for a discouraged Christian friend, and useful background reading to a small-group study of Hebrews 11.

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  • Cross In Four Words


    Freedom, forgiveness, justice, and purpose. We long for them in our lives and in the world. The cross delivers them!

    Yet sometimes we are so familiar with the cross that it loses its impact on us. We forget that Jesus’ death on the cross and his resurrection are the most important events in human history and our lives. The cross is the fulfillment of God’s salvation plan, promised from the dawn of time. It is central to the Bible, central to our faith, and central to the meaning and purpose of our lives.

    This foundational book looks at passages from both the Old and New Testaments to sum up the victory of the cross in four words: freedom, forgiveness, justice, and purpose, and what that means for us personally.

    Marvel at the cross afresh and be moved to love and serve the Lord Jesus with renewed zeal and joy.

    This short yet profound book is a very useful discipleship tool. It can be read individually, in pairs, or in small groups.

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  • Gospel DNA : 21 Ministry Values For Growing Churches


    22 Chapters

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    Acts chapter 20 tells how Paul sat down to train the elders of the Ephesian church he had planted some years before. The principles of gospel ministry he lays down are simple, but absolute dynamite.

    In 21 simple, practical principles, Richard Coekin sets out how this “Gospel DNA” should shape our approach to building churches today.

    This book draws on his experience as Director of the London-based Co-Mission church-planting initiative in the UK. It will help you be part of a dynamic strategy for growing gospel churches today.

    Includes a Foreword by D.A. Carson

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  • Ephesians : Your Place In Gods Plan (Student/Study Guide)


    Ephesians is a book that excites us about all we have in Christ, transforms our view of our church, thrills us as we see our part in God’s amazing plan, and challenges us about our day-to-day lives.

    These eight sessions will take groups through the whole letter, explaining and applying it to our lives as church members and as individuals.

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  • Ephesians For You (Student/Study Guide)


    1. In Him
    2. A Lesson In Prayer
    3. Once Dead, Now Raised Up
    4. The Only Real Peace
    5. Mystery Revealed
    6. Grasping The Dimensions Of Divine Love
    7. Working For Unity
    8. The Difference Faith Makes
    9. Sex Life
    10. Married Life
    11. Home And Work Life
    12. Wear God’s Armor

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    In a world where Christianity seems increasingly sidelined and even irrelevant, we need to grasp the truths of this faith-affirming, life-changing letter. Ephesians For You helps readers see how being “in Christ” changes everything-our view of ourselves, our world, our future, our church, homes and workplaces.

    Richard Coekin, author of A Few Good Men and Our Father, brings his trademark clear teaching and challenging application to every page.

    Use accompanying Ephesians in small group Bible studies.

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