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  • Vintage Christmas : A Collection Of Classic Stories And Poems


    This beautiful, giftable Christmas collection features 23 old-fashioned works from classic authors who invite you to a feast of holiday nostalgia.

    A Vintage Christmas includes stories from Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Ralph Henry Barbour, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain, L. M. Montgomery, and William Dean Howells, as well as poems from Eliza Cook, Christina Rossetti, William Makepeace Thackeray, Joyce Kilmer, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This collection is a timeless reminder that the heart of the holiday never changes.

    *Affordable and giftable size.
    *Presentation page for writing a meaningful message for gifting.
    *Perfect as a stocking stuffer, white-elephant gift, or host gift.
    *Filled with hopeful and encouraging Christmas stories.
    *Makes a lovely keepsake companion to A Classic Christmas and A Timeless Christmas.

    Filled with stories that have been part of the Christmas season for generations, A Vintage Christmas is a unique collection of Christmas tales, reflections, and poems from beloved authors across the centuries and makes the perfect gift for any reader in your life.

    *Discover a charming story from L. M. Montgomery about love and sacrifice in a modest log house.

    *See Christmas through the eyes of a child in a New England colonial village with Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    *Remember the reason Christ came to earth in the poetry of Anne Bront.

    *Share with your family the delightful letter Mark Twain wrote as Santa Claus to his three-year-old daughter.

    This beautiful treasury will take you back to firesides, simple gifts, and cozy family moments of Christmases past as you cherish the timeless truths and joys of the season.

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  • Chance Encounters : Poems


    A new collection from Sister Sharon Hunter, CJ celebrating the people and circumstances who help make us what we are.

    “For several months in 2020, I awoke most days at 3:00 a.m. to a mind busily at work; my own, of course. I had a choice to make, ignore it or explore it. Vivid memories, pictures really, of people I once knew climbed from the depth of my subconscious where I’d cleverly assigned them. They captured my attention, and rightfully so, for I owed them. When we reject our heritage, as I did, because it’s not image worthy, we cancel as well those who enhanced our lives. Good people, brave people, wise people, sometimes shady and crooked people, all contribute to our circle of life. To fully understand me, I must include them. Chance Encounters is my thank you to those I carelessly tossed away in quest of shallow acceptability. They’re alive once again on the pages of this book. And I’m forever grateful for their vibrant beauty, courage, ingenuity, and fascinating eccentricities. They paid the world the high compliment of being themselves.” –Sister Sharon Hunter, CJ

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  • I Wish For You


    Ideal for gift giving, this charming and colorful gift book inspires readers and gives them the words to express their heartfelt hopes and well wishes for their loved ones.

    What do you wish for your friends and family? Greater joy? Fearless freedom to be who they are? Strength to persevere? Wisdom for that crucial next step in life?

    Whatever you’re longing to say, I Wish for You contains uplifting affirmations that celebrate the best that life has to offer. Its universal themes of chasing your dreams, following your heart, and facing challenges with courage and conviction apply to a wide variety of special occasions, including graduations, baby showers, weddings, and general encouragement during tough times.

    When you’re wanting to send more than just a card, give this beautifully written and illustrated gift book to brighten the day of someone you love.

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  • Journey To The Morning Light


    A posthumous collection of poems on the beauty of the seasons, creation, life and death, from beloved poet and theologian Catherine de Vinck.

    In the words of the Foreword by Mary Evelyn Tucker, the poetry of Catherine de Vinck, “calls us to ever greater awareness of who we are and where we dwell. She offers us glimpses of truth, not answers to our questions. She lights the path, sometimes with the brilliance of a single image. More often she surrounds us with the atmosphere of dusk–the twilight arising in our consciousness where mood and memory mingle.”

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  • Spirits In Bondage


    A rare glimpse of a young C. S. Lewis.

    Spirits in Bondage reveals the earliest published thoughts of C. S. Lewis. However, we find an unfamiliar Lewis–not the mature Christian but the young atheist cynic, who fought in the harrowing Great War. In these poems Lewis dreads the dangerous world that keeps us from living meaningful lives.

    Introduced by Karen Swallow Prior, this beautiful print edition of Spirits in Bondage will nuance our understanding of C. S. Lewis.

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  • Kenyons Living Poems


    An inspiring collection of sacred and secular poems by E. W. Kenyon.

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  • Between You And Me


    Within these pages of poetry, readers are given a unique glimpse into the covenant bond between Abba Father and beloved child, an intimate relationship developed over years of joys and sorrows. These words will bring comfort, encouragement and inspiration to all.

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  • Poets Pen (Unabridged) (Audio CD)


    Harvester Services Inc
    Poems written and spoken by Evangelsit Reinhard Bonnke. The poems are Bible-truth, power packed and will challenge you. Heaven’s orchestra will set in for accompaniment. They are divine encouragement – pure.

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