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Karen Whiting

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  • Growing A Mothers Heart Bible Study


    Intentional self-care is important in nurturing a mother’s heart, so the weeks in this study progress from self-care to outward nurturing. Starting with the felt needs of moms, helps women choose to move toward the outward focus of nurturing her family members and reaching out to the community. The first weeks focus on the need for rest and balance plus meals in the home. The following weeks move toward how to make wise financial choices, meet family needs, and create a welcoming atmosphere of a loving home. The last week focuses outward to meeting the needs of others in the community. Lessons include light-hearted anecdotes from real life and relevant Bible passages with questions to examine how Bible moms coped with stress and chaos and still embraced joy. Scriptures meet women where they are at in life, in chaos, and their anxiety about their mothering skills, to move toward gaining wisdom from God and filling their hearts with God’s love and peace that helps them create harmony in the home and find joy through their relationships.

    Each week coordinates with devotional stories in Growing a Mother’s Heart Devotional.

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  • Devos For Brave Boys


    Loaded with activities, puzzles, and jokes, Devos for Brave Boys is an exciting 60-day devotional that will challenge boys to see God’s power in the Bible, to love others courageously, to share their faith boldly, and to trust in God’s protection. Daily readings will get boys into the habit of opening their Bibles and reading directly from God’s Word, and the corresponding devotions and prayers will help them learn how to apply it to their own lives. With updated devotions from the best-selling One Year Devotions for Active Boys, Devos for Brave Boys is a devotional that boys will look forward to reading every day.

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  • 52 Weekly Devotions For Family Prayer


    Packed with stories of contemporary families, hands-on activities that help children understand basic principles of prayer, and discussions that encourage you to dig into what happens when we pray.

    Imagine what would happen if Christian families really took time to pray together and did it with knowledge of how to pray. Yours can be one of those families! Develop your family’s prayer life the easy way. These 52 weekly devotions will equip your family to pray together as you explore various aspects of prayer. The ideas are practical and easy for busy families to use, choosing what best fits their schedule. Contemporary stories based on true stories show how families respond to tragedy, rejoice with God, and persist in prayer during hard times.

    Use 52 Week Devotions for Family Prayer before bedtime. Around the dinner table. Wherever and whenever you choose to have your family devotional time, 52 Weekly Devotions for Family Prayer fits perfectly into your on-the-go schedule and lifestyle. Throughout the book you’ll read what happens when Bible characters pray, praise, and live their faith:

    *Nehemiah leaned on God to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem while helping the people trust God against enemy threats

    *Hannah wept before God and her prayer was heard

    *Jesus shared what’s most important in prayer

    *Elijah heard God whisper

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  • Growing A Mothers Heart


    Come along to find encouraging stories from past present and future moms to renew and grow your heart. Like the moms in these stories, no matter what mom season you’re in, we all desire to meet our children’s needs and become more loving and understanding. We live with struggles, busyness, and constant choices, yet treasure the wonderful moments of our children’s kisses, cuddles, and surprising words.

    Each week contains a prayer, a devotion focused on a biblical mom, a devotion of a mom from history, and three contemporary devotions. The end of each devotional offers you a Daily Mom Step to challenge and encourage you as a mom. You’ll also experience a sprinkling of humorous quotes from young girls sharing their thoughts on becoming future moms. Our mom-stories reflect everyday experiences, as well as some of the harder moments, we have faced.

    Weekly themes include, but are not limited to:
    *Words begin in our heart
    *Choose joy
    *Be your mom-self
    *Perchance to sleep
    *Seasoned moms
    *Let go
    *The gift of failure
    *Mom support
    *A listening heart
    *After isn’t over
    *Where’s your sparkle?

    Each reading brings encouragement, joy, draws you closer to God, and answers your question, “Am I a good enough mom?” Yes, you are good enough.

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