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Herbert Lockyer Sr

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  • Funeral Sourcebook


    Attending to those in grief and mourning is a critical duty of any member of the clergy. Unfortunately, many church leaders feel poorly equipped to effectively minister to those in their darkest hour.

    Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer has provided this comprehensive source book of sermons, Scripture passages, prayers, and poems, as well as proper etiquette and manner, enabling any pastor to better carry the gospel of consolation to the distressed and brokenhearted in their great time of sorrow.

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  • All The 3s Of The Bible


    A Wealth of Scriptural Symbolism and Truth in the Number 3

    The three-in-one nature of the Trinity…
    The three features of the priesthood…
    The three harvest fruits…
    The three glorious appearances…
    The three gifts of the Magi…
    The three tenses of salvation…
    The three crosses…
    The three phases of the risen Christ…
    The three witnesses in Revelation…
    And many more…

    Bible teacher Dr. Herbert Lockyer’s exhaustive study of the number three throughout Scripture is a great resource for pastors, Bible study and youth group leaders, Sunday school instructors, and for any believer who desires to delve deeper into Scripture. You’ll be amazed at the spiritual truths that can be unpacked by the biblical meanings of a simple number.

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  • Revelation : Drama Of The Ages


    World-renowned author Dr. Herbert Lockyer unpacks the most exciting story of all time in this fascinating study that provides a glimpse into world events-some that will occur in the future, and some that are happening right now.

    Every Christian should be aware of the biblical prophesies that are about to unfold, such as…

    * The incredible calamities of the tribulation

    * The mark of the beast

    * Who will live and who will die

    * The role of the two witnesses

    * The triumphant appearance of the warrior from heaven

    * The never-ending delights of the eternal kingdom

    Plus, many more startling and inspiring events of the coming times!

    Here is your opportunity to enjoy the greatest drama ever told, as seen through the pen of one of the truly great Bible teachers of our times.

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  • How To Make Prayer More Effective


    Without a doubt, prayer is the greatest art in the world, a holy art that only needs to be learned and practiced.

    The greatest difference between effective and anemic Christianity, is prayer. The most fruitful soul winners are those who make much of prayer. The greatest preachers of the gospel and missionaries of the cross are those who pray long and often. Everyday believers who walk in the power and miracles of God are people who see prayer as an attitude of life, not as a series of isolated acts.

    To succeed at prayer is to realize that heaven is not far from earth. It is the ability to bend the arm of God.

    Join with best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer as he sets out to study the nature of prayer, and to better understand the simplicity and effectiveness of heartfelt communication with God.

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  • Cure For Troubled Hearts


    Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me. (John 14:1)

    Jesus Christ loves us as no one else ever has. But do we love Him as we should?

    We hear sermons about Him; we sing about Him; we read about Him; we even try to speak to Him. And yet, for far too many, Jesus is not real. Is it no wonder that our hearts are troubled by the worries, pressures, and sorrows of this world?

    Best-selling author Dr. Herbert Lockyer reminds us that Jesus’ willingness to receive us is the cure for our troubled heart. But His reception of us depends on our reception of Him. Through his teachings, Dr. Lockyer challenges us to enjoy Christ’s fullness, and to give Him the place of preeminence in every part of our life and being!

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  • All The Women Of The Bible


    1. The Life And Lot Of Bible Women
    2. Alphabetical Exposition Of Named Bible Women
    3. Nameless Bible Women
    4. Symbolic And Representative Women
    5. The Ideal Woman Among Bible Women
    6. Aids For Women’s Groups And Meetings
    7. Biographical Study Of A Bible Woman
    8. Messages For Mother’s Day
    316 Pages

    Additional Info
    Dr. Herbet Lockyer provides a convenient commentary on all the named and unnamed women of the Bible from Abi to Zipporah. He reveals how the life roand character of women of Bible times mirrors the situation among women today. The more than 400 entries are concise and fact-filled, providing ample resource materials for all who are called upon to speak in public or conduct Bible study groups.

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  • All The Men Of The Bible


    4 Sections

    Additional Info
    All the MEN of the Bible

    A Portrait Gallery and Reference Library of More Than 3000 Biblical Characters

    All the Men of the Bible, a unique source book on the subject of Bible characters, is a monumental achievement to benefit Christians who want to have information on biblical characters at their fingertips.

    The Bible contains more than three thousand named men, all of whom are dealt with in this book. The many thousands of unnamed men are also classified. Included in the book is a guide to the pronunciation of all names.

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