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Elsie Egermeier

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  • Egermeiers For Beginners


    Egermeier’s Bible Storybook for Beginners is adapted from the popular classic Egermeier’s Bible Story Book which has sold millions of copies and is beloved by generations of children and adults alike. Designed for a younger audience, Egermeier’s Bible Storybook for Beginners features shorter versions of 19 of the best-loved stories from the original book, both Old and New Testaments, while retaining the traditional story-telling style Elsie Egermeier was famous for. Colorful new artwork by Pat Paris helps children understand the stories as a parent, Sunday school teacher or other adult reads to them. Little children should be able to retell each story for themselves based on what they see in the artwork. This Bible storybook is purposefully smaller so that young children can carry it, help turn the pages, and take ownership of it making it a special Bible “just for me!”

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  • Egermeiers Interactive Story Bible


    With a proven track record of over 6 million copies sold, Egermeier’s(R) Bible Storybook has been a favorite for generations. The Egermeier’s(R) Interactive Story Bible now brings the Bible to life with new colorful illustrations and an entire series of quick-sketching videos that tell the stories as they magically appear on the screen. Readers now have the choice to read the stories or to watch them being drawn before their very eyes! Egermeier’s(R) Interactive Story Bible is a chronological journey through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation with text that gleans the best of each story without being watered down. With Scripture references and several discussion questions conveniently located at the end of each story, this new story Bible is the ideal teaching tool for Sunday school teachers and parents alike. Biblical literacy is a gift to our kids that lasts a lifetime. The challenge is making it relatable to them. Now the presentation of the gospel found in the Egermeier’s(R) Interactive Story Bible is more engaging than ever!

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  • Egermeiers Bible Story Book (Revised)


    Bible Stories – 312 stories from Genesis to Revelation (Old and New Testaments)

    Art – 122 full-color, full page illustrations by the late, renowned artist Clive Uptton

    Table of Contents – Updated with color subject headings and scripture references to make finding and studying specific stories even easier

    Question & Answers – Reinforce Bible learning with this helpful resource

    Helpful Bible Information –
    How we got the Bible
    Books of the Bible and their history
    Interesting facts about the Bible
    Great Old and New Testament prayers
    Reference table of Jesus’ parables and where they were found in the Bible

    Maps – Color-coded and enlarged for easy, useful reference

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