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Denominational Concerns

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  • Amidst Us Our Bleoved Stands


    When it comes to baptism and the Lord’s Supper, many Baptists reject the language of sacrament. As a people of the book, the logic goes, Baptists must not let tradition supersede the Bible. So Baptists tend to view baptism and Communion as ordinances and symbols, not sacraments.

    But the history of Baptists and the sacraments is complicated. In Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands, Michael A. G. Haykin argues that earlier Baptists, such as Charles Spurgeon, stood closer to Reformed sacramental thought than most Baptists today do. More than mere memorials, baptism and Communion have spiritual implications that were celebrated by Baptists of the past. Haykin calls for a renewal of sacramental life in churches today-Baptists can and should be sacramental.

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  • My First Catechism


    Learning the Catechism is a milestone in faith development. We want our children to do more than simply recite the explanations. Our desire is that our children would know, love, and follow the Savior. My First Catechism is a first-step resource to helping parents teach the faith. Organized in the same way as your traditional Luther’s Small Catechism, this colorfully illustrated book is a tool for helping little ones start learning the simple explanations to our doctrine.

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  • Luthers Small Catechism For Kids


    An easy-to-use resource for teaching the faith in a simple way. Colorful icons and illustrations guide children through each tenet of faith as encouraged in Luther’s Small Catechism. Older elementary-aged students will be able to read and study concepts from the 2017 Explanation of the catechism in developmentally appropriate terms and in a way they understand.

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  • Anglicanism : A Reformed Catholic Tradition


    What is Anglicanism? There are many associations that come to mind. Whether it is the buildings, the unique history, the prayers, or church government, often we emphasize one aspect against others. Is the Anglican church a Protestant church with distinctive characteristics, or a Catholic Church no longer in communion with Rome? In Anglicanism: A Reformed Catholic Tradition, Gerald Bray argues that some theological trajectories are more faithful than others to the nature and history of the Church of England. Readers looking to understand the diversity, nature, and future of Anglicanism will be helped by Bray’s historical examination.

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  • Humble Calvinism : And If I Know The Five Points, But Have Not Love…


    1. The Problem With Calvinists
    2. Humble Calvinism Is Not An Oxymoron
    3. Point One: Level Ground
    4. Point Two: Love, Regardless
    5. Point Three: Specific Service
    6. Point Four: The Family Business
    7. Point Five: Credit God
    8. We’re Calvinists Best When We Aren’t Calvinists First

    Additional Info
    Humble Calvinism is both a helpful summary of what Calvinism is, and a helpful challenge to those who are convinced Calvinists. It calls us to hold Calvinism in our hearts, not just in our heads, so that we are humble and gracious as well as zealous for the truth, to the praise and glory of Christ and his church.

    Author Jeff Medders admits that he is quick to defend Calvinism, but often slow to humbly love Christians who take a different view. His warm-hearted, challenging (and surprisingly witty) book takes readers through the the five points of Calvinism, revealing that a true understanding has a humbling effect on our hearts, fueling a love of Christ and his people that builds others up, rather than tearing them down.

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  • Joy Project : An Introduction To Calvinism With Study Guide (Expanded)


    True happiness is not found. It finds you.

    We think of our chase for joy as a fundamental right-and it’s no surprise. By nature we are pleasure-seekers, though chronically unsuccessful at finding the type of joy that will endure for more than a passing moment.

    But what if long-lasting joy isn’t found at all? What if the deepest and most durable happiness breaks into our lives, overcomes our boredom, and ultimately finds us? What if true joy is out of our reach, but reaches for us?

    (This updated edition now includes a Study Guide for each chapter.)

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  • Exploring Gods Word How To Use Your BIble


    Collection of activities to help kids learn to navigate their Bible effectively.
    Help kids develop Bible reading skills for life. Through a series of 31 activities, students will learn more about the Bible, the authors of the books, and how to take full advantage of Bible study and reference tools. Students discover:

    the types of books found in the Bible
    the four writing styles of the books of the Bible
    how to distinguish Law and Gospel messages
    how to identify Old Testament prophecies about the Messiah
    and how they were fulfilled in the New Testament
    the different Gospel narratives
    how to use a Bible concordance
    how to use cross-references and study notes

    Grades 3-8. Reproducible for classroom use.

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  • Church Members Handbook


    “This is a small book (1962) on church membership to place in the hands of members to help them know the meaning of their membership and understand the doctrines and polity of Baptists. Chapters include The Meaning of Church Membership, The Church covenant, Christian Growth, Baptist History, Baptist Doctrine, Baptists and Other Denominations, God’s Plan of Church Finance, and Baptist Churches at Work.”

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  • Baptist Church Manual


    Declaration Of Faith
    1. Of The Scriptures
    2. Of The True God
    3. Of The Fall Of Man
    4. Of The Way Of Salvation
    5. Of Justification
    6. Of The Freeness Of Salvation
    7. Of Grace In Regeneration
    8. Of Repentance And Faith
    9. Of God’s Purpose Of Grace
    10. Of Sanctification
    11. Of The Perseverance Of Saints
    12 Of The Harmony Of The Law And The Gospel
    13. Of A Gospel Church
    14. Of Baptism And The Lord’s Supper
    15. Of The Christian Sabbath
    16. Of Civil Government
    17. Of The Righteous And The Wicked
    18. Of The World To Come
    Church Covenant
    Rules Of Church Order
    Forms Of Church Letters

    Additional Info
    Contains The New Hampshire Declaration of Faith, Suggested Covenant, Rules of Order,and Forms of Church Letters.

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