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D. Greg Ebie

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  • Resurrected Faith The Heart Of A Contender


    A Firm Foundation Publishing Title

    Wake up!

    Far too many believers sleepwalk through life unaware of the pandemic of dead faith threatening their lives and those they love.

    You have heard the Holy Spirit’s alarm and awakened with a deep longing for more of the presence of Jesus in your day-to-day life. Your heart aches for freedom from anxiety and meaningless repetition, hoping for the abundant life Jesus promised with overflowing joy, peace, love, and so much more.

    Book one, Resurrected Faith: The Heart of a Contender, awakens you to the crisis of dead faith jeopardizing our families and churches. Unfortunately, you and I are powerless to revive what is dead. However, as we answer Jude’s ancient call “to contend for the faith,” the resurrection power of Jesus will transform us from the inside out. What is dead can live again!

    You will be challenged to consider your singular heart’s cry. Don’t allow dead faith to hit your spiritual snooze button. Instead, permit the Holy Spirit to ignite a passion to know Jesus and make Him known within your heart.

    While dead faith ignores the symptoms and continues to go through religious motions, resurrected faith will ignite the activity of “faithing” through an intimate knowledge of Jesus and not a lifeless creed. Your struggle for living faith will keep you from being fooled by counterfeit religion.

    With the Spirit’s help, you will take a closer look at yourself and comprehend your God-given identity as a follower of Jesus. Knowing who you are, gives you unshakable confidence to contend for the faith and live what you believe. Finally, you will see how to persevere in the ongoing fight for resurrected faith with the heart of a contender.

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