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Church Administration

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  • ReMission : Rethinking How Church Leaders Create Movement


    A systemic disease is lurking inside the church that is derailing it from what God intended it to be, to know, and to do. That disease is practical ignorance and isolation. If the church is to be healthy and thriving, its members must gain the needed know-how and skillsets to meaningfully engage with their increasingly difficult-to-reach unsaved neighbors, communities, and cultures in productive conversations about the good news of Jesus Christ. In other words, there must be a re-missioning of the body of Christ. Blending honest analysis with innovating principles, ReMission places the onus of change at the feet of today’s leaders. Each chapter of ReMission builds upon the next to practically equip leaders with tried-and-tested solutions that can outwardly mobilize a congregation, small group, or nonprofit ministry, and substantially increase the spiritual vitality of the body of Christ, both locally and globally. ReMission isn’t only focused on developing new “outfrastructure”; its aim is also to breathe new life into God’s kingdom and His chosen leaders who are serious enough to implement the life-changing strategies that are sorely needed.

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  • Lies Pastors Believe


    All of us are tempted to believe lies about ourselves.

    For many pastors, the lies we’re tempted to believe have to do with our identity: that God has called us to lead a movement, that we must sacrifice our home life for our ministry life, or that our image as holy is more important than our actual pursuit of holiness.

    In Lies Pastors Believe, pastor and professor Dayton Hartman takes aim at these and other lies he has faced in his own ministry and seen other pastors struggle with. With a winsome and engaging style, Hartman shows current and future pastors why these lies are so tempting, the damage they can do, and how they can be resisted by believing and applying the truth of the gospel.

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  • Stan Tolers Practical Guide To Hiring Staff


    Getting the right staff at the right time can make or break a congregation’s momentum. Drawing from his vast experience as a senior pastor and leader of large organizations, Toler shares the secrets that will make your first hire the right one. Subjects include: casting the vision for staff expansion, funding a new position, communicating vision to staff members, setting staff expectations, interviewing, the first thirty days, and how to be a great boss.

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  • Ideal Class Book


    It is important to keep accurate records, and this class book for 25-member classes helps with this task. This book enables one to record attendance for a full year with each student’s address, phone number, birthday, church relationship, and additional class sessions. Available individually or in packages of six.

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  • Work Of The Church Trustee


    1. Who Make The Best Trustees?
    2. It’s A Big Job
    3. Your Board Should Be The Best
    4. The Money In Your Hand
    5. Buried Treasure For The Kingdom
    6. Working With The Professional Team
    7. Trustees In A Changing World
    8. You Learn Through Others
    9. Trustees Are Ministers, Too

    Additional Info
    There is more to serving as a trustee than counting money or arranging to repair the church plumbing! Beginning with the biblical and theological basis of service, Orlando Tibbetts has prepared a very comprehensive guide to deepen and broaden the trustee’s sense of ministry and mission in his/her service to the church. An excellent tool for new or experienced board members, this book covers every facet of the trustee’s responsibility as a steward of the community’s concerns and as a servant of the Lord. It is both practical and inspiring.

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  • Roberts Rules Of Order



    III Parts – XIII Articles
    Total Pages 216

    Additional Info
    This new edition of the complete and original text has been resigned for quick references and easy of use:

    * New thumbnail illustrations show the rules in action to make technical points easier to grasp
    * Each section is keyed with a special margin device that shows what aspects of parliamentary procedure it covers.

    This definitive edition of the original Robert’s presents every procedure clearly and logically. Rules of Order, motions, debates, conduct of business, adjournment – all problems of conducting a successful meeting smoothly and fairly are resolved.

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  • Church Membership Record Book


    For up to 500 members, a complete membership record system in one book. Contains:
    56 Resident Membership Roll
    8 Nonresident Membership Roll
    20 Chronological Membership Roll
    One Summary of Church by Years
    One Record of Church Officers
    One Record of Ministers
    59 Minutes of Church Business Meetings

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