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Carlie Terradez

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  • All Is Not Lost


    There’s a Victor Inside Every Victim Ready to Get Out!

    What do you do when tragedy strikes? When your heart is broken, where is the ladder that leads you out of the pit? When everything seems lost, how do you get found?

    If even one of these questions nags you, this book is for you!

    International minister and Charis Bible instructor Carlie Terradez says plainly that life is just not fair. Bad things happen to good people, but you don’t have to be defined by struggles, memories, or a victim mentality. Instead, you can live out the abundant life Jesus died to give you and experience His wonder-working power.

    In All Is Not Lost, Carlie shares truths from God’s Word that show you how…

    *God has an amazing comeback planned for you

    *God wants to work miracles in your life! Including firsthand testimonies of a baby raised from the dead, the audible voice of God, miraculous healings, supernatural forgiveness of abuse, and more

    *God planned your victory parade before you even saw the battle

    There’s a victor inside of you ready to get out, and this powerhouse teaching will show you the way!

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