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Tyler Feller

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  • Dont Stop Devotional


    What if you didn’t give up?

    Doubt, hardship, and failure keep too many people from pursuing the vast potential God has for them. They may settle for the mediocre when a life that’s greater than anything they could imagine lies ahead.

    No matter what you’ve been through or what you’ve done, God invites you to join him on an adventure of a lifetime. Pastor Tyler Feller’s 365 motivating devotions in Don’t Stop will encourage you to:

    *identify the barriers holding you back,
    *run toward your dreams with resilience, and
    *embrace the fullness of God’s plan and blessings.

    God hasn’t given up on you or the dream he has placed in your heart. You shouldn’t either.

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  • Dont Stop : Learn To See Your Failures And Struggles As Opportunities


    Don’t give up on God’s dream for you.

    Many of us long to pursue the dream God has placed on our hearts, but along the way, the path has become littered with unmet expectations, unpassable roadblocks, and failure, stopping us short of our unique purpose and destiny.

    What if you’re one try away from the breakthrough you’ve been praying for?

    The obstacles you face don’t have to be the end of your story. Pastor Tyler Feller integrates his experiences and biblical wisdom with practical steps to boost your resilience and endurance, improve your decisions, and grow your faith. No matter how impossible your dream feels, Don’t Stop can help you:

    *identify what’s keeping you stuck,
    *activate strengths God has placed in you,
    *see God for who he really is,
    *listen for the Lord’s direction, and
    *flourish in your fullest potential.

    Even the greatest struggle is an opportunity. Launch into your calling with renewed passion and vision, equipped with the confidence that God goes with you.

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