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Short Stories

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  • Christmas Miracles : True Stories From The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year


    Give the wonderful gift of Christmas with #1New York Timesbestselling author Karen Kingsbury’s classic collection of true tales, now updated with a new story.

    We have all experienced miracles. An incredible chance encounter that changes everything…help that suddenly appears from nowhere…kindness handed to us when it is least expected. In Christmas Miracles, Karen Kingsbury presents real-life stories about people whose lives were changed by the wonder of Christmas.

    Every December we look back and marvel at the design of God and see His fingerprints at work in our lives over the past year. Then, with hearts full of hope, we wait in expectation for the miracle of that holy, silent night.

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  • Vintage Christmas : A Collection Of Classic Stories And Poems


    This beautiful, giftable Christmas collection features 23 old-fashioned works from classic authors who invite you to a feast of holiday nostalgia.

    A Vintage Christmas includes stories from Louisa May Alcott, Charles Dickens, Ralph Henry Barbour, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Mark Twain, L. M. Montgomery, and William Dean Howells, as well as poems from Eliza Cook, Christina Rossetti, William Makepeace Thackeray, Joyce Kilmer, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, and Samuel Taylor Coleridge. This collection is a timeless reminder that the heart of the holiday never changes.

    *Affordable and giftable size.
    *Presentation page for writing a meaningful message for gifting.
    *Perfect as a stocking stuffer, white-elephant gift, or host gift.
    *Filled with hopeful and encouraging Christmas stories.
    *Makes a lovely keepsake companion to A Classic Christmas and A Timeless Christmas.

    Filled with stories that have been part of the Christmas season for generations, A Vintage Christmas is a unique collection of Christmas tales, reflections, and poems from beloved authors across the centuries and makes the perfect gift for any reader in your life.

    *Discover a charming story from L. M. Montgomery about love and sacrifice in a modest log house.

    *See Christmas through the eyes of a child in a New England colonial village with Harriet Beecher Stowe.

    *Remember the reason Christ came to earth in the poetry of Anne Bront.

    *Share with your family the delightful letter Mark Twain wrote as Santa Claus to his three-year-old daughter.

    This beautiful treasury will take you back to firesides, simple gifts, and cozy family moments of Christmases past as you cherish the timeless truths and joys of the season.

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  • Pawverbs For Kids


    In the style of Jennifer Bleakley’s bestselling books, Pawverbs: 100 Inspirations to Delight an Animal Lover’s Heart , Pawverbs for a Dog Lover’s Heart , and Pawverbs for a Cat Lover’s Heart , we’re expanding the series to include inspiring devotionals written specifically for children.

    Kids love animals! Pawverbs for Kids is jam-packed with 30 true-to-life short stories, or pawverbs. Each of these charming stories features kids and animals–and what a variety of animals there are: dogs, cats, frogs, birds, horses . . . even a bearded dragon and a grasshopper! Each story illustrates a biblical principle or lesson found in the Bible book of Proverbs. This book presents biblical truth in a whimsical way and invites kids to explore deep spiritual truth alongside extremely loveable pets!

    Each pawverb includes:

    *A Bible verse from Proverbs
    *A short and engaging story
    *Reflection questions
    *A child-friendly prayer

    God has given us animals, ultimately to point us to himself–to the one who is always there and who loves us unconditionally. In this book, children will not only find inspiring and heartwarming animal tales, but spiritual truths to touch their hearts and remind them of God’s unfailing love, wisdom, and grace.

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  • Once Upon A Time


    “Stories have always been about us, a mirror in which we can see ourselves-our hopes and dreams, but also our greatest dilemmas.” In Once Upon a Time: A Collection of Short Stories for Those Trying to Find Their Way Home, retired clinical psychologist Samuel L. Blumenthal, Ph.D. illustrates gospel truths on the themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration, all of which come into clearer focus through the lens of God’s perfect love.

    Sam Blumenthal came to faith in Christ in mid-life, after growing up in a Reform Jewish home in the South. His thirty years as a psychoanalytically-oriented psychologist gives him a unique perspective on the inner workings of the mind and heart. He says, “Since the dawn of man, stories have been pregnant with meaning, much of which has gone unnoticed. But if you are willing to slow down and listen more closely, stories will meet you in the very places you need them and guide you home where you will be healthy and whole.”

    He presents stories to touch hearts and remind us of just how much God desires to be present in our lives. These stories offer us courage to look deeper within ourselves to learn why we think and feel as we do, why we struggle as we do, and what can truly help and redeem us and enable us to find our way home.

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  • Faith Still Moves Mountains


    From FOX News anchor and author Harris Faulkner comes a collection of powerful, true-life stories of resilience, healing, rescue, and protection.

    We need reminders of God’s power now more than ever.

    We often think about prayer as a wish list, with God as Santa Claus. The reality is that the power of prayer reminds us not only how small we are, but also how big God is. Prayer is hope put into action. And prayer works.

    From the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in Haiti to the theater shooting in Aurora, Colorado, believers testify to how God inspired hope even when all seemed lost.

    Two teenagers who were saved from treacherous seas by a vessel named Amen now give thanks for the rescue that changed their lives. A woman’s near-death experience with COVID-19 turned out to be the crisis freeing her from despair. Others speak to how prayer helped them navigate family trauma, overcome abuse, and cope with mental illness and depression. Historical accounts of miracles testify to God’s power throughout time, and Faulkner recounts the role of faith and prayer in her own life and the life of her father.

    Along with these stories of God’s presence, the book includes an exclusive packet of newly written prayers. Created to reflect the current times, this prayer booklet will provide a road map for putting the lessons of these stories into action.

    Faith Still Moves Mountains reminds us that God’s light always shines through the darkness. Through these testimonies, we learn prayer isn’t just a ritual, it’s a vital spiritual strategy in a world that wants us to give up the fight.

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  • Dog Who Came To Christmas


    Christmas is a time for joyful anticipation and celebration. Does any creature manifest these attitudes better than a dog? Their wagging tails and goofy smiles seem made for the season. Add in breakable decorations, extra sweets in the house, and maybe a little bit of snow and you’ve got a recipe for fun, laughter, and togetherness. And that’s just what you get with The Dog Who Came to Christmas.

    This collection of true, feel-good holiday stories celebrates the gift of dogs. It’s the perfect companion for those magical Christmas evenings in front of the fireplace with your favorite canine companion. It also makes a heartfelt gift for dog-loving friends. Contributors include Lauraine Snelling, Melody Carlson, Amy Shojai, and many more.

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  • Yours Truly : Parables And Stories


    Here is a collection of brilliant and poignant parables and stories, for personal reading and public use. Each offers a penetrating insight into some aspect of the human condition. They include:

    The Spider Who Believed in Himself: a cautionary tale for millennials.

    An Artist Tries to Create the World: she tries and tries again . . . but she still can’t get it right.

    The Divine Call Centre: ‘Your call is important to God. Please don’t hang up.’

    An Atheist Troubled by His Doubts: he just wishes that he had the simple faith of other atheists.

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  • Finding More : Real Life Stories Worth Telling


    Introduction (by Rico Tice)
    1. Katie | “I Knew I Still Hadn’t Found It”
    2. Larry | “I Wanted The Evidence”
    3. Caroline | “The Religious People I Knew Were Hypocrites”
    4. Jason | “I Thought Christianity Was A White Man’s Religion”
    5. Drew | “I Started Shouting Abuse At The Speaker”
    6. Rick | “It Just Didn’t Make Sense”
    7. Deb | “I Started Reading The Bible As I Got High”
    8. Nicky | “I Was Scared Of How Life Would Change”
    9. David | “I Knew I Had To Do Something To Get My Life Together”
    10. Rachel | “I Thought Christians Were Stupid Bigots”
    11. Kateryna | “I Became A Christian… And Then It
    All Went Downhill”
    Find Your More (by Rico Tice)

    Additional Info
    Most of us wonder: is there something more to life?

    Finding More tells the stories of eleven people who asked that question, and found the answer.

    These fascinating life stories introduce you to people from all kinds of backgrounds who became Christians when they encountered the only One who gives us more: Jesus Christ. As their stories unfold, you’ll be shown who Jesus is, why he came, and what it means to follow him.

    This is an ideal book to give to guests on a Christianity Explored course, or to show friends what they might stand to gain by investigating Jesus for themselves. Whoever they are and whatever their background, this book will have someone they relate to or a story which intrigues them and it will show them that Jesus’ message is for everyone.

    Is there something more to life? It’s time to find out.

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  • Cant Help Myself


    People often ask Richard T. Vander Vaart, “What is it like to be a minister?” In response he tells stories of his ministry experiences. Eventually, these stories were written down and collected into Can’t Help Myself, a series of daily devotions created to help readers reflect upon their lives during the month of December.

    The devotions in this book are complemented with beautiful photography to encourage deeper meditation, thoughtful discovery, and exploration of the scriptures. Some stories are humorous, some are serious, and some are whimsical, but all are told in a rich writing style and based in the love and compassion of God’s Word.

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  • Miracles : Receiving The Miracles Prepared For You


    God desires to bring miracles into your life. Miracles prepared for you from the foundations of the earth are on their way to intercept you. Miracles are around us, in us, and through us. This book will inspire your faith, renew your hope, and capture your heart. Frank Damazio not only lays out a clear biblical teaching of miracles, but also true-life stories of miracles taken from his miracle journal.

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