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Karen Ehman

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  • When Making Others Happy Is Making You Miserable


    Bestselling author and recovering people-pleaser Karen Ehman offers stories and helpful tools from her own life to equip you with practical and biblical advice on how to break free from the pleasing game and reclaim your peace and purpose.

    Feeling overwhelmed, burnt-out, and pulled in too many directions by the needs of others? If you wish you had a little more freedom and margin in your daily schedule, this is the book for you.

    Author and speaker Karen Ehman knows firsthand how people-pleasing locks us in a prison, trapping us in unhealthy habits which distract us from our true selves and our God-given purpose. With honesty and practical wisdom, Ehman explores why we fall into people-pleasing behaviors and offers advice for how we can break out into the freedom God has called us to. Because the truth is we cannot fulfill our divine purpose if we’re too busy living everyone else’s.

    With vulnerable and humorous stories, biblical insight, and encouragement from someone who’s been there, Ehman will help you:
    *Discover how to live out your priorities despite the opinions and expectations of others

    *Cultivate a strategy for knowing when to say yes and how to say no

    *Implement boundaries with the pushers, pouters, guilt-bombers and others who try to call the shots in your life

    *Learn to navigate the tension between following God and loving the people around you
    When Making Others Happy Is Making You Miserable is the key you need to quit the pleasing game, reclaim your life, and walk with God in peace and confidence.

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  • Reach Out Gather In


    Like most women, you want to open up your home and connect with others. But you don’t think you have the time or ability. Along comes Reach Out. Gather In.

    Through devotionals and practical tips, New York Times bestselling author Karen Ehman will inspire you to put love into action in this 40-day journey of hospitality. Karen will help you with the how to and why of reaching out to others in meaningful ways. This book–part devotional, part practical handbook–will help you find loving ways to feed both the bodies and souls of the people whom God has placed in your life. In Reach Out. Gather In., Karen will share:
    – some of her favorite recipes and hospitality traditions
    – ideas for menu planning and themed gatherings
    – sorta-from-scratch shortcuts for busy days when you need something delicious in a snap
    – motivating stories and biblical inspiration
    – space for answering reflective questions so you can journal your own 40-day excursion
    – sidebars on decluttering and cleaning strategies

    This beautiful book highlights the why of hospitality, so that your home and life will grow to be a place where the gospel is displayed, drawing others closer to Christ and making a difference for eternity.

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  • Listen Love Repeat


    Our culture is obsessed with self. In our schedules, our relationships, and especially online. (Can you say “selfie’?) But in the midst of this near-narcissism, people are less content than in decades past. Why? Because we have forgotten the joy that comes from putting others first. Becoming such a person requires us to live alert, listening for “heart drops,”-hints from those in our lives who might need a helping hand or a generous dose of encouragement. Living alert lifts our own spirits, showing us that blessing others blesses us even more. Listen, Love, Repeat gives practical, creative ideas for reaching out. Some are heart-tugging and sentimental. Others are sneaky and hilarious. Topics include loving your family and friends, reaching out to the lonely, blessing the “necessary people” who help you get life done every day, and how to love the hard to love. Bonus material includes recipes for sharing. Additionally, scriptural examples are studied of those who lived alert, including Jesus-the one who noticed those who least expected to be noticed.

    As we scatter kindness, we create a safe space where we can openly share the gospel with others. And we get to see lives changed right before our eyes-not only the lives of others, but our lives as well. Most importantly, Listen, Love, Repeat will enable us to scatter kindness, not to selfishly shout, “Hey! Look at me!” but in order to humbly implore, “Well…will you look at him?”

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